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My dog may be going deaf and getting senile...

F_in Ray Of Sunshine

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.....but by god, she knows when there's a sammich being made....

Let her out to pee and she decided to plop herself down on the lawn, in the sun. Looked like a good idea, so I left her there and went back in. Was puttering around and decided to make myself a sammich. 

No sooner did I get the roast beef out, and I heard <BARK!> at the front door and she immediately went into beg mode.

How the hell she knew, I have no idea.

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Doggies know all about food, and what they like. The can smell out one object from one million smells and know what is edible and what is not (this does not explain for shit eating... I'm still confused about that one).

Sorry to hear about your doogie. I hope all stays good for him. 

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