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Nine ways to get people to do what you want


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I'll try manipulating people into doing silly things this afternoon and see how these work!

It does work.

A long, long time ago (26 - 28 years ago), I sent a friend a book about sales.  He wasn't in sales, but was interested in social phenomenon.  I visited a couple months later, where we talked about one thing in particular, that thing being that if you got seven yes answers to your questions in a row from someone, you could ask almost anything and get a yes answer on the next one.

We got really drunk and started hitting on women (shocking, I know) using this technique, and found that it was pretty effective.  The more drunk we became, the dumber our initial questions, but it didn't matter at all, as long as we got that first bunch of yes answers.

I don't know if seven is a magic number, I think you just want people to be in a mood that is agreeable to what you are saying.

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