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Good morning Page Turner.


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That's a horrible response to my question and I'm beginning to believe you have some deep rooted issues.  Most likely driven by the fact that you are a hippie.

Wanna know something?


...beginning to believe ? :huh: I assumed it was pretty clear. It's not like I try to hide it. #wtf  


Will the something make me happy or sad?  I need to be happy today.  Today is my day to be in my happy place.:)

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I can dig and appreciate that you two want to profess your love for one another but really, wouldn't we all be better served if this was a private conversation??

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 ...I knew that you knew I would say that, and I said it anyway in order to mislead you.:mellow:  I do have some issues, which may very well be rooted in hippieness.  I like my issues.  They keep me amused, whenever I'm not in my happy place.:)  Sometimes, when I'm in my dark place, my issues are the only thing that call me back.  #whenisthehourup?


Also, I miss @Wilbur . #thatwanker


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