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I feel so much better this morning about not having a job in a month


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It makes me sad when people lose their jobs.  I make boatloads of money.  OK, not really, but I do OK.  That said, lots of people have their hands in my pockets.  The gov't takes far more than their fair share each week, then I have all of my deductions at work, then alimony / child support, then the bank likes to rape me monthly for my mortgage.  That leaves me a small amount to pay my personal bills each week.

I would panic if I were to lose my job.  I honestly do not know what I would do.

Someone once described my position as if I am wearing golden handcuffs.  While I don't make a fortune, I am paid so much that I really can't leave here.

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I think I ate too many little Debbies last night. 

If I may offer some advice, spending your money on hookers and blow will lead you into a downward spiral.

That said, I've noticed that people with a reasonable level of skills, a good work ethic, and who have good communication skills rarely remain unemployed for long.  People with those basic talents are in demand in nearly every field because there are so many people that employers have to babysit all day long. 

If I may offer some (serious) advice, your job now isn't really your present job - it's finding your next one.

You may want to consider a plan where you contact your mortgage holder and holder of other major loans and discuss restructuring your payments for a short time.  If you do this now, it will give you some 'breathing room' regarding your finances and may reduce your stress levels.  That, I believe, will help you be more relaxed when you go to interviews which may in turn increase your chances of success in landing a new job.

Provided, of course, that you wear pants, or at least a modest skirt.

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I suspect some of your relief derives from the fact that the job was causing you a lot of stress.  You had been debating what to do for a long time, and there is a certain relief in having a decision made, even if that decision causes other stress.

TK is right (as usual), the time to start looking is now.  And although it's stressful to change jobs, this may give you a chance to find something that is a better match for you in the long run.

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 Good luck on your job search. It does feel exciting at first, like the world is full of possibilities.:)

I hate unemployment.  Too many mood swings from relief to panic to doubt to panic to hope to panic to depression to panic etc...  then an acceptable job comes along but you are no longer in a position to negotiate.  :(  

Yep, panic, depression, false hope. After working your butt off to get a job you thought you could tolerate, you discover otherwise. There IS tons of work out there, and employers ARE hiring left and right, and even paying well to draw people to the positions. But employers are still treating employees like second class citizens, like they should be thankful to have a job. Sorry, don't mean to be Mr Gloomy Gus.:( 

On a brighter note, the local county highway department has been courting me for a highway crew position. Finally a job I'm perfect for and wouldn't mind doing until retirement. Great pay with even better benefits. But after this summer, I'm so gun shy and numb I don't have the energy to get my hopes up anymore.:whistle:

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