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2015 Fall Solvang Double Century

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Getting to Solvang (actually the ride starts and ends in Buelton) was a problem.  Due to the rains there was a mudslide that closed I-5 between SoCal and Bakersfield.  Traffic was routed to the 101, and we were in stop and go, bumper to bumper traffice from Ventura to the west side of Santa Barbara.  What normally would take 8-9 hours took 12 to drive.

The temps were mild when we (7 of us) started at 5 am Saturday morning.  The course is sort of 3 loops, the first of which was ridden totally in the dark and that part of the route is the same as the spring double.  I saw some mist in the air, but no fog. Turns out we would ride in and out of mist and drizzle most of the morning.  After the first loop we went west on Santa Rosa rd.  By 50 miles in we had split up. 3 of us were in front of the other 4 after a long climb.  I decided to wait for the 4;  I was glad I did.  I felt strong and could have dept up with the other 2, but, I was also able to take the pull more to help out.
The next big climb was up Harris Grade rd.  There were some great views as we got close to the top.  We  had one more climb before lunch.  After lunch we had 2 climbs before we turned onto CA 166.  There were some great views to go with the long climbs and downhills (the hills were not close enough to be rollers).  We turned off that to Tepusquet Rd.  At 150 miles in we started a  3-mile, 6% climb. Plenty of switchbacks, and some of the views were great too. 
We had a nice 10 mile downhill after that, then several miles later the last major climb of the day. 

We finished in 16 hours, 22 minutes, 38 minutes before the cutoff time. 194 miles, 11,000 ft of climbing.  It was a great way to qualify for the California Triple Crown gold award.


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16+ hours! Ugh, I don't know how you do it.  But I'm mighty proud of you that you CAN do it! Great job, man.

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Great job, again!   How many miles so far this year? 

6083.4 so far, according to Strava. 

thanks guys.  I hope to have the video done by Thursday night at the latest.

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I skipped through it a little.  It was dark at the beginning and the end.  That's too many hours.  :)

I hardly saw any cars, that's pretty cool.

16 hours 22 minutes, SW.  start to finish.   there were not many cars. The prettiest stretch was on CA 166.  There were more cars there, but, unfortunately a few stretches with no shoulder

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