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Riding in slush


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It is way challenging. Your bike just slips and slides in a crazy fashion. Our fresh snow turned to mushy muck yesterday.  I came sliding into my alley a tad too fast and my bike slid out as my neighbor was leaving the same alley.  I got my foot down, but it almost slid out too and would have made me tork my bad knee.  Not good.  HAHA

My neighbor was like "Having fun are we?"  I laughed and tried to not let him see my concern about almost crashing.  :huh:

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I'm not really familiar with slush but a couple of years ago I rode over this wooden bridge that had frozen over.  The shadow from the railing kept the sun off it and although I knew we had frost that night I didn't think it would still be icy.   I hit the bridge at around 15 MPH and both wheels slid sideways to the right, I bounced off the railing and slid all the way back across the bridge to the left hitting the opposite guard rail before I could get a foot down.  I still don't know how I stayed up right... 

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