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Do you care about smoking?

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36 minutes ago, Thaddeus Kosciuszko said:

I wonder what would happen if a person who had a prescription for medical marijuana tried to smoke their medicine in a smoke-free zone...

Would, say, the restaurant, get sued for discriminating against a person with a medical disability?

I don't think that can happen out here, laws prevent public smoking of ganja.  On top of that, there is really no need to smoke it, there are so many different ways to have at it, edibles, drinkables, vaporizers, trans-dermal patches, etc.

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Ok, who dicked with my avatar?

As a lifelong asthmatic and frequent sufferer of respiratory infections, I hate smoke.  I love the smell of a good cigar but especially  pipe tobacco.  

It does pain me to see healthy people destroying their lungs with cigarettes.  People take respiratory Heath to lightly. 

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I don't hate smokers, but some behaviors bother the crap out of me.

If you're going to smoke, have a !@#$ing ashtray in your car.  You have no right to throw your butt out the window any more than I have the right to take a crap on your back seat.  Several of you who live out west have undoubtedly seen the damage caused during dry season by some %$@* who tossed a butt resulting in a thousand acre fire.

If you're going to smoke outside your car, find a !@#$ing place to dispose of your butt when done that isn't the ground.  I have seen completely numbnuts people throw a butt when a trash can is ten feet away, because it's become standard behavior.  Once or twice I have called out, and said "Hey!" (smoker turns around, puzzled) "You dropped this", and thrown it in the trash.  If you smoke and do not do this, you are a fool and a simpleton.  Your habit is not a free license to litter, you dumb $#@!, learn it.

If you're going to smoke, and your friends are near you and they do not smoke, ask if they mind if you do it near them.  We may be okay with you completely as a person, but maybe we just don't want to be next to you while you do it.  Optionally, consider saying "I'm going to go have a smoke, I'll be back."  Remember Rules 1 and 2 in the process.

All I want are responsible smokers, who learn that it doesn't mean you get to be discourteous or a litterbug.  And yes, I'm very happy that my city has made rules that don't allow smoking in public establishments; it allows me to patronize places I previously would not, due to not being able to enjoy them with a giant blue cloud.  I'm not against the idea of a restaurant or a bar having a smoking section as long as it is hermetically sealed off form the non-smokers, but something makes me think that's cost-prohibitive. :)

P.S.  To the smokers, whether you quit or not is up to you.  I'm not going to try and guilt you or judge you; the effects of smoking are well known by now, and it's your choice.  Just show some respect and obey rules you should obey whether it's with smoking, food wrappers, or wearing perfume.

(Disclaimer: Had the occasional cigarette until age 23.  Probably would still love those clove cigarettes that burn small holes in your lungs; probably would enjoy the very occasional pipe or cigar).

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