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Why do we get an email that purports to be a newsletter, without being a newsletter?


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28 minutes ago, Square Wheels said:

What info would you like it to have instead?  I am not writing you a love not each morning.

I would think a newsletter would be something that came out once a month or a quarter or whatever, and had actual content.  To me, the newsletter I get in the email is indistinguishable from being on the site, kind of making it completely unnecessary.  I am not sure a newsletter was ever necessary, but might be nice every now and then, I suppose, maybe just to catch people up on some bigger things.

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Mine was filled with pithy commentary, mirthful satire and wonderful pics of some of our members doing things they love.  The Longjohh Hernia belt centerfold was well, it just was.  Glad I have the dual monitor system so that it would all fit onto the screen at once.

I especially enjoyed the discount and coupon section.  Was able to get the air switched out in my tires at the LBS for next to nothing.

Thanks SW!

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