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What would happen if you take three eggs and scramble them, then cook them, and then eat them?


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If the eggs were Cadbury chocolate eggs and you were a dog, you would either die or be forced to drink peroxide by some evil witch.  I would rather die happy with a tummy full of yummy chocolate.



BTW, how did sticking the tv remote up your ass work our for you?

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No one gets the dollar.




How long will it take before she can read my mind?  


She is making pancakes now, btw.  I also had to mention that she makes the best pancakes in the world before she made them, shouldn't she just have known that I wanted pancakes?

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Breakfast rocks. Egg, bacon, pancakes, bacon, hash browns, bacon, maple syrup, bacon, black coffee, bacon, OJ (but not the bay area California kind), bacon, whole wheat toast, bacon, orange marmalade, bacon, butter, corned beef hash, bacon, fresh fruit, bacon, ham steak, bacon, grits, bacon, biscuits 'n gravy, bacon, waffles, bacon, cold pizza or fried chicken, bacon, oatmeal, bacon, anything with maple and brown sugar...including maple/brown sugar cured thick cut bacon, bacon.


Yeah...breakfast really rocks.

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