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wolfie is in da house!!!


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Mostly, been doing some shooting and have been getting to the gym about 5-6 days a week to do free weights & some cardio.

Met a guy back in February (a recently retired Marine) that I've been seeing since then and he's put new flooring, Pergo wood laminate, down in my bedroom & vanity area, as well as the living room.

We still have the kitchen & 2 bedrooms to do…I'll see if I can post a picture or 2.


Taylor is doing well.  Her 2nd knee surgery went well and she's back to "normal". :D

Tiger, the old woman kitty, is well, sleeps a lot and stays inside for the most part.  She will be 17 in May.

Evie, the outside Siamese, is a fat butterball. :D  but a beautiful butterball.  Much more friendly now after 2 years. :)


Oh, and I just bought a motorcycle. 

A 2011 BMW 650GS.  2400mi, still under warranty.  My cycling friend here, Dallas, bought it from a lady that rode it back 'n forth to grad school and when finished, wanted to sell it.

Got it for a steal.

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Tell us a story of your absence, please.  A good one, not involving food or aliens.

Hello Randomguy - I found a new love for a while and I greatly disliked the new forum software change.

My new love is firearms and shooting.  I haven't ridden my bikes in a long, long time, but I hope to change that when the weather gets a bit warmer. :)


How has Randomguy been doing? :)

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