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I saw the Hobbit yesterday afternoon

Mr. Silly

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While I enjoyed reading the Tolkien Trilogy, by far the best part was the name Bilbo Baggins.  My brothers and I called each other Bilbo for years. :D


Oh yeah, I agree with Krazy - the movies always sucked!

The Hobbit isn't part of the "Tolkien Trilogy". ;)



I didn't know know they had split to 3 movies. I thought it was going to be two. Ugh!

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I love the Alamo Drafthouse.  Get to pick your seats.  Had a decent grilled chicken sandwich with blue cheese and Franks Redhot, some buttered popcorn and iced tea.  Wade had a loaded pizza, orange soda and popcorn.


Lots of really entertaining stuff before the movie.


The movie was good.  Very divergent from the book, which i have read countless times, but still entertaining.  Tolkien was a creative genius.  He crafted all of Middle Earth, wrote languages, histories, bloodlines, etc.  


So having read much of what he wrote, and knowing the amount of time he puts into developing characters and setting scenes, I can see why they needed to divide the book into a number of movies.  Probably should have done the same with The Lord of the Rings trilogy, but then it would have been 9 movies and just not sure anyone but a hardcore Trekkie would stick around for 9 moives. Or did DieHard go to 9 movies.  I was looking forward to Fast and Furious 9, HoverAround Heroes, but sadly, that will not be.

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