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I was one of the lottery winners!

Road Runner

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I didn't buy a ticket, so I didn't lose, ergo, I must have won!   :)


It is strange to me that so many people got so worked up over the size of the jackpot which eventually may be as high as $648 million (about half that as a one time payout).   :dontknow:


From a CBS News report:


"For us, the main thing we'd like to get across is the level of excitement we saw all across California," Traverso told The Associated Press. "At one point, we were selling about 25,000 tickets per minute. 


"It's been an amazing experience. It's unbelievable." 


The winning numbers were 8, 14, 17, 20, 39; Mega Ball: 7.


The winners can choose to be paid over time or in a cash lump sum, lottery officials said. Based on the $636 million figure, the winners would receive $318 million each over time or $170 million each in cash. The cash option was estimated at $341 million before taxes.


The jackpot now resets to $15 million for the next drawing, which is on Friday night. 



The jackpot reverts to $15 million.  But anything over $15 million would be meaningless to me anyway.  I would have to give most of it away.


Why is the thought of winning $600 million cause so much more "excitement" than winning, say, $50 million?  It's more money than I would know what to do with, either way.  

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