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Police find no wrongdoing in Oct. 26 accident that killed cyclist on I-70


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A cyclist (really a DUI offender who had to resort to riding his bike, and was still drunk) riding at 4 AM? With no lights?


Nobody to blame here.... So friggin what?


The truck driver did everything right here...kudos to him for reporting the incident and doing everything he was supposed to.

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I freakin' hate people on bikes that don't act responsibly! The other day on the way home form work, I was on a two lane street. Doing about 35 and 3 car lengths space ahead of me. Some ass hat heading in the opposite direction (middle of the lane) was carrying a big trash bag of what looked like alum cans on his top tube. Just as the car ahead of me passes , this due cuts right in front of me, no signal, no hint he was turning, just a sharp cut in front of my truck.


I slammed on my brakes and luckily I had my window down so I was able to shout out thee words "STUPID FUCK!".


I'd hate to have to go through a big hassle because of some stupid homeless looking asshole that's willing to take stupid risks. If I had hit him, I probably would have gotten out and kicked his stupid ass dead body for putting me though the upcoming hassle.


People do stupid shit and don't think of what they are doing to the other people around them.  :angry:

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