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Having fun!


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I was out and about in small town Minnesota..hit some shops..mostly looking...but a bit of shopping.  The nice thing about not doing presents..is there is no pressure to shop until you have gifts for everyone...I just look until I get bored or the stores get too crowded.


Had lunch at an Indian restaurant (dot not feather)... Returned home before 2 PM.


Long story of todays find.


Every two weeks, one of my residents gets oxygen..but he usually isn't home..so I let the guy in and sign for it...And...I give the resident a hard time: make your bed, clear off the table...he had a bottle of wine & 2 glasses sitting on a counter..I set them on the table...a few weeks ago, I lined up some nuts from his dish of nuts on his coffee table (then he tells me he has mice)...Well I got a cat toy mouse with a long tail..and put it on the nut dish..moved it 2 weeks later.  Last week I found a red felted mouse...and put it on his clock...TODAY!!!!! I found another mouse it was $7, it is smaller than the other two..and black. I will put it out the next time the oxygen guy shows up!!  I am not sure who is having more fun with this, me, the old guy or the oxygen guy...the old guy has been leaving us cookies!!

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