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This dog wants a treat really bad

Road Runner

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While I am amazing on the bike, I am technologically challenged.  Sorry.


To the contrary, I would imagine that you suck on the bike and that you are technologically amazing.


After all, you managed to convert a perfectly good bike forum site into a gaming site even though the site has nothing to do with games.  That's freaking awesome!  

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I fear you are right.  I do suck on the bike.  I fell off my rollers three times last winter and am afraid to get back on them now.  I can't do a century in less than 7 hours, and I can't ride without hands.  I'm a loser and should just quit now.  Where's the cake and ice cream, I wanna eat!

Excellent use of the pity tactic.  Now I almost feel bad!   :(


Almost, but not quite.   :D  

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