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Who has to work the 26th?


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I'm at work.


They want me to complete part of a big database project (migrate to the "cloud" which is the big buzzword around here) by the end of the year. However they failed to buy the correct license for the software needed. Of course all the people who can buy the software are off today and tomorrow. As I think it's a dumb idea anyway, I'm debating whether to just wait until Monday and tell them that they need to slip their schedule (which they hate to do) or call in a couple of people off their mini-vacations. One guy is deer hunting so I don't know if I can reach him anyway.

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Between 9-9 I sized 160 watch bands and replaced 65 batteries. My scheduling this week allowed for two counter girls but only me to do the actual work. I have twenty engravings and I didn't even count how many ring sizings I have to do today.



After Christmas makes before Christmas seem slow for a jeweler.

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