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Have you ever dropped a baby from a great height?


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Wade and I went to get Chinese take out recently at a place we have been going to for years, since before he was born actually.  So anyway, I had this flashback to when Martha and I were there with newborn Wade.  We had the car seat carrier thing that was removable and could move from car to stroller, or be hand carried.


So we brought Wade in with us to eat and as we were leaving I picked up his carrier, with him in it and forgot to check if the handle was locked in teh carry position.  As soon as the carrier cleared the table it spun really fast and locked in the handle stowed postiion, which basically had Wade hanging from the straps.


Major Oh SHIT moment for me and Martha and everyone in the place that saw my faux pas.


Grabbed the carrier in both arms, set it on the ground and locked the handle in the carry position and left.

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When we were still in SA Gords went through a day where he kept falling and banging his head (he was about 18mths).... the last straw was when he tripped and fell in a parking lot and landed on an upright bottle cap, he had the perfect imprint on his forehead.  I took him to our doc who just said, "oh the first fall probably made him a little woozy, don't worry he'll be fine tomorrow" :huh:   Docs in SA were pretty unperturbed.... this one did have 4 little kids of his own :)

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