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Just finished "Lost" the TV show.


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The wife and I are watching 'Chuck'.... good humorous poking at spy movies and the genre.

That's one I've thought for a while might be fun. Is it still going, or did the series end? I prefer if the show is completely over so I'm not stuck waiting for the next season to show up (*cough* *cough* Breaking Bad).

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Chuck ended in 2012 I think, but yeah it's over. I was reading about it, and while the show apparently suffered from ratings because of competition/time slots, there weren't many critiques of the storyline to be found other than some of the episodes being a bit repetitive. Fans did a write-in to save it from cancellation for the 2nd season or something, and it kept going after that.


Watched the 1st season so far, and it's funny when Chuck's character 'flashes' on spy stuff. (He's got this cache of info in his head that goes off when he sees patterns, certain people, etc.) It's a great idea for a show, because he flashes on different things and in different circumstances so the setup for each episode comes across in an original way.

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