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Grand Tour 2016

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I wasnt sure what we would have this year for the Grand Tour.  There were fewer of us driving over, but, of the 6 I knew were riding I felt good (4 from Phoenix, 2 we were meeting in Malibu). Our hotel was the same as last year, in Thousand Oaks about 30 min from the start (at a grade school in Malibu, across Malibu Canyon Rd from Pepperdine).  There were 9 of us who rode together.

With warm temps predicted we decided to leave earlier.  Normally we like to leave the school at 5 (you have to scan a bar code band, and there is usually a line, which holds things up).  We decided to leave the hotel at 3:45 with a goal to start by 4:30.  I was surprised to see how many cars were there when we arrived.
We managed to roll at 4:45.  It was 60 along the coast, and I wore a wind vest and lycra arm warmers in addition to my jersey and bibs.  it had felt chilly the evening before when we registered.I found I didnt really need the arm warmers and pulled them down quickly.  By the time we got to Pt Mugu it was getting light, and we could tell the marine layer was going to hang around for a while, which would hold off the heat.  It actually stayed until after 11, when we were riding the 20+ miles from checkpoint 3 to the lunch break.  The climb from Ventura to Ojai was warm, as it usually is, but not the 90-100 as predicted. We were in and out of the lunch in about 30 minutes.
It is s downhill ride back to Ventura and the coast after lunch, then 20 miles along the coast to Rincon Pt, just this side of Santa Barbara.  The ride along the coast starts on a beach path, then the last several miles there is a raised path on the side of the Pacific Coast Hwy.  Before last year you had to ride on the shoulder; this is so much nicer.  
We were making good time, and didnt feel the crosswind as we rode back to Pt Hueneme (the first and last checkpoints are in the same location).  After a coke and some homemade chicken vegetable soup we were ready to ride the last 35 miles.  The last 20 are really nice; riding along the PCH and the beach in Malibu after you pass Pt Mugu.  This time there was  a high surf, and the waves were crashing onto the rocks.  A great way to finish the ride.  
I will finish the GoPro video this weekend.
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3 minutes ago, Square Wheels said:

How many total miles?  Knowing you, 3 or 4 hundred. :)

197.1, with a 15.6 rolling ave, and 5787 ft of climbing.


That does make 4 CA doubles this year, and a volunteer at one.  I had not planned to make 5 trips to CA this year, but, I only need 1 more to make the 1000 mile club again....

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8 minutes ago, Square Wheels said:

Wow, still don't think a double is ever in my future.

I said that once.... now I am at 17, not counting 3 - 300k rides

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