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Additional details coming out on the tragedy in Kalamazoo


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The more I learn the worse I feel.  

Police report details pickup-bicycle crash that killed 5 in Kalamazoo



A witness said all four of the pickup truck's tires were to the right side of the fog line (the white line that separates the roadway from the shoulder) when it began striking the cyclists.

"At this point, he saw bikers flying in the air as the collision was made," investigators stated in reports they made after interviewing witnesses and reconstruction the crash, .........

.......The total distance of the crash site was 335 feet, measuring from the first point of evidence found by police (a bicycle helmet) to the furthest point in the north (a bicycle),

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if he doesn't go to prison for murder, something is seriously wrong with our judicial system

there's nothing about that that sounds like an accident. It sounds like in his stupor he just said "fuck em" and mowed down the whole group

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In the past around here, motorists were not prosecuted if they just said they didn't see the cyclist(s).   Immediate get out of jail card.   :angry:


Several days ago, I was riding on a city street around 17 mph and a truck passed me.  The driver yelled at me to get on the sidewalk.

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1 hour ago, Rattlecan said:

I hope you delivered the appropriate hand signal. 

Trust me...I did that when I was 19 after hearing a car horn start from half a mile behind me all the way to passing, when I was on the shoulder.  I was ripped off my clipless pedals and thrown six feet by a roid-raging spousal abuse perpetrator while his SO dumbly watched.  It ripped the stitching on one of my shoes.

You can be right.   You can also be dead right.  Or as they said in the old West, "A Smith and Wesson beats four aces".

There are times when the finger is a bad idea...you just don't know what someone has in the glove box these days.

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6 hours ago, Road Runner said:

Nope, I just ignored it as always.  Let them vent, as long as they don't plow into me.

I do the friendly wave, as if I'm clueless lunatic fringe.

There is no way a driver could say "But officer, he waved at me!"


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