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Are you fuckers going to be boring today? You should decide to be exciting today instead!


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I'm dividing my attention between some pretty tricky coding and fucking off

right now fucking off is taking up all of my mental energy

so if you can keep up your end of this shit, I may be able to help this afternoon

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...I have finished the assembly and adjustment of another superfast bicycle project. The first ride on a new project bike is always exciting, because I often forget to torque something completely. Assuming I survive, I shall post photos later of said superfast bicycle cycle, which I bought on sale from Nashbar six or seven years ago and that has been languishing over in one corner of the garage ever since I built the SRAM P-5 wheelset.  I got distracted a little.:blush:


Just so you know how fast it is, it is a Taiwanese OS tubed track frame, with very fine and tiny welds that were obviously done by elves.  It is called the SST.  SST is fast by definition.:)

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