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The three of us were a bit giddy


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We had been in the woods for three nights, and things had not gone well. Deep snow, swollen creeks, blisters, and losing the trail had turned us back.

Now with a hot McDonald's meal, a wash in the McDonald's restroom, a beer or two, and maybe a toke or two. We had a plan, spend tonight in in the car campground, and attack the trails from the other side of the mountain tomorrow.

The only spot left was up a steep climb over some tree roots. Dave pointed the old Chevy up the path without bothering to downshift. The old girl stalled right at the top. Dave stuck her in reverse, coasted back, dropped the clutch, and we were running again.

A fellow camper showed up at the window and asked if we needed him to help push the car up the hill.

Dave said no, he thought he could make it. He tromped on the gas, dropped the clutch, spun the tires, and backed straight into a big damn tree. 

The three of us laughed like hyenas, the helpful fellow's eyes opened real wide and he backpedaled real quick.

Second try the Chevy went right up the hill, and we settled in and were asleep within an hour.   

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