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Blister Care


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I have never had a blister on my foot.  Today, I do.   NExt to smallest toe on my good foot.  Looks like it is filled with blood.  Tip of toe and bottom. What do Ido?  There is a duathlon tomorrow. 

My bad foot hurts a significant amount.  I know how to help that. Tub of icy.  Blisters?  No clue?

PS-- We got medals and it was fun. Slow but fun.  Did not DNF.  Walking is harder than running.

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1 hour ago, 2Far said:

If it's going to pop anyway, sterilize a pin & let all the fluid out . Neosporin & bandaid. 

Do this, but don't let the fluid out directly through the blister.  Take a hottish bath, then get to work.  Take the sterilized pin and find a non-blistered patch of skin proximate to the blister and violate that area with the pin/needle, getting to the blister through the passageway.   You want to leave the blistered skin intact if possible while draining the fluid.

I feel I am not explaining this properly, let me see if I can find a diagram or somesuch...

Edit:  It was too disturbing looking at images of blisters, I apologize profusely.  I did find this, though:


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