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Chicken Da Kine


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I learned this from my Hawaiian neighbors when I lived in Hawaii in the Navy.

Its basically, grilled chicken (I'm doing chicken thighs), but you marinate it in shoyu

when it is really rocking, the sugar in the shoyu caramelizes and you get golden brown sweet island style grilled chicken

I'm having white rice and Kim-Chee in the Pacific Fleet tradition

the trick is to use too much sugar when you make the shoyu. I learned that from AJ's mom

anyway...off to turn the chicken

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1 hour ago, Further said:

All this is lacking is the recipe... 

shoyu is basically soy sauce, sesame oil, sugar and water.  You want to use plain sesame oil if you can, and I think Kinkyman brand is pretty good soy sauce, and its what we'd use out on the Island a lot of the time, too. There was a local brand shoyu they sold in gallon jugs. Lots of times I couldn't afford that, so we made our own.

I get a big bowl to mix up the shoyu. This will also be the bowl I marinate the chicken in

I start by taking a bag of sugar and making a pile of sugar in the bottom of the bowl. The thing to remember is that in Hawaii, all that lava rock means there is so much carbon in the soil, that everything that grows there is sweeter than on any other place on Earth. Seriously. So the Hawaiians like things to be sweet, even grilled chicken.

so pour out way more than you think is right. When you think you have gone too far, stop and throw in another handful.

Pour in about a quarter bottle of Kinkyman soy sauce. If the mound of sugar is not still white at the top, you don't have enough sugar

pour in about a tablespoon of sesame oil

add some cool water and start stirring. you should have a super-saturated sugar solution with soy sauce. You should taste the oil, the sugar and the soy sauce in the watered down mixture. If you don't, you went too far with the water or not far enough with the missing taste.

when you have done all you can with the shoyu, put the chicken in it

out on the island, at this point you smoke a bowl and get the fire started out on the grill. then you grab a beer and talk story with the boys. When you remember the chicken is sitting in the marinade on the kitchen counter, it will be ready.

put it on the fire and cook it low and slow, basting with the remaining shoyu you soaked the chicken in

put the rice on after the chicken is on the grill and you are starting to get hungry

when you think the chicken is ready, wait 5 minutes, then pull the chicken


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