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Do you prefer straight lines?

Square Wheels

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23 minutes ago, Square Wheels said:

How is your OCD?  Can you handle lines that aren't perfectly straight?  Do the curves need to be perfect if they are noit straight?  How much sleep do you lose over this?

I love straight lines.  You should know.  I take advantage of yours.

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They don't need to be straight for me. I used up half of the tile I bought for the spa room on the bathroom because WOLJ decided she wanted carpet in the spa room. Later she decided she didn't want carpet because it was always wet. I put down the tile I had left and went to buy more, discontinued,:facepalm: I found something in similar colors and design and finished the floor. Looks fine to me.:D

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My daughter says I am OCD on steroids! :lol:

I'n the guy who place his keys in the same spot, shoes in the same spot every day no matter what. I hate not knowing where the exact whereabouts of my belongings.

I don't step on cracks when I walk on concrete with evenly spaced sections. I know I get 2 steps between each crack and so that allows me to avoid stepping on a crack to break my mamma's back! :P

I can't ride a bike knowing the front tire is wider than the rear (700 x 25 vs 23), if the rim is deeper than the rear (25 mm vs 21), or if the handlebars are not perfectly straight. Little things like that really bother me!

I have 5 pair of black Pearl Izumi socks, all the same model, all bought at the same time. When I got out riding, I look for the pair that best match each other. :D

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10 minutes ago, Kirby said:

I can be obsessive about some things, and perfectly oblivious to others.

Same here...

I let lots of things slide, but in MKE I was nutty at work about a finger print in paint on the celing, a light that was not perfectly hung, and an oddly placed support beam in the way of a shelf. 

It's the things that I notice everyday that drives me crazy, not the things I will see only once in a while.

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We were responsible for facility maintenance, the facility had 20' x 20' vents in the walls and a lot of big exhaust fans in the roof. The filters that went in the vents were 2' x 2' and corrugated. The elevated walkway to our office / shop had you staring directly at one of these vents.

The guy that changed the filters just changed the filters, didn't even look at the corrugation orientation. One of our technicians was OCD to the max. A few trips across the 200' walkway staring at the haphazard filter pattern pushed him over the edge, he spent about half a night shift redoing the vent so the corrugations were all horizontal.

Our boss ( totally unOCD ) went nuts, he didn't like paying to have the filters changed twice.    He was so pissed he payed OCD guy to change them again. 

Told OCD that if he could find a pattern to the corrugations   OCD's quality of life would take a major down turn....

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