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I'm a bit creeped out by this

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3 minutes ago, Square Wheels said:

Whatever.  I have two Nest cameras, two Nest thermostats, 7 Nest smoke detectors, and Android phone with tracking software on it so my wife always knows where I am, and a Google home.   Google and the internet know everything about me.  I have nothing to hide. 

Oh really?  Care to explain the XXXL lace panties in the back of your sock drawer?

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36 minutes ago, maddmaxx said:

Since you came back you got funny slightly not as unfunny.  People might have a hard time accepting that it's the real u.

Fixed It For You*


* Square One in an attempt to be funny will edit this post to make it look like I typed Fify and then find an obscure reference to make me look pervy, all the while he is the one with the lace panties in his sock drawer.

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3 minutes ago, jsharr said:




Fify stands for ' Fit in (a) few years'

When used in a sentence : "That girl is a Fify".

Applies to all girls under the age of 16. when you see a hot girl that is possibly younger then the age of 16 then the word "Fify" is a short term saying for telling someone that a girl is going to be hot when she turns 16. "Fify" is a simple descriptive word of a young girl that a man may find sexually attractive but simply can't state she is fit because she is too young. The word is socially acceptable because when using the word "Fify", a man is basically acknowledging that the female is too young to be called fit and so instead of coming across as a pedophile, a man can use this word with safety because it clearly sates that the female will be hot when she turns the legal age of 16.
"That girl is defiantly a "Fify"

"yea that girl over there is a "Fify"
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