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One of the best pranks ever?


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I did something similar to some jackass who lived across the hallway from me when I was in the barrack at Cannon AFB NM. I worked midnight shift and he'd crank up the stereo and made other noises while I was trying to sleep.

So one night I got a pile of newspapers and masking tape then covered his doorway except for about 6 inches at the top. I didn't want the newspaper to rip from the suction if he suddenly opened the door. Which he did as I banged on the door hard at 2 AM.

He quickly opened the door and said a few WTFs and other things. Next he pushed and prodded the paper a bit then punched through it. Then he kicked through the paper with bare feet. Did I mention the heavy metal garbage can that I places just outside of the paper? He screamed loud enough to wake up about haft the barracks. :D

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