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More on my new I phone.


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This has turned into a pain in the ass.  The case of the I phone to New Jersey has been resolved and I have my money credited back to my account.  However between the time I discovered that, the purchaser attempted to order another I phone and parts for his Honda.  Because I'd already changed some passwords he couldn't pay for them.  This morning (thanks for 24 hour call centers even if it's hard to understand you) I had to resolve some unpaid claims on Ebay and so far today I've gone through 3 sets of password changes on everything from credit cards to Paypal to my email account to my Ebay account.

I will send you straight to hell if I ever catch you Mr. Hacker.  My Chinese relatives have already checked out the New Jersey address only to find a suite with empty cardboard boxes and an empty internet jack in the wall.

Now my question is why, Ebay, can't I lock up my account so that nothing can be shipped to any address other than my own home address.  Would it be so difficult a thing to do to put a crimp in unauthorized sales.  Do you have so many sales that have to be shipped somewhere else that you have to leave this loophole open?  It's crap.  It could be made optional so that those who just have to have their stuff shipped to work or to one of their many other addresses (girlfriends?) could still be made happy.

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