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Nuthin' says "construction" like doing your business in a 23 degree port-a-can


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Just now, Road Runner said:

Why is the port-a-potty tilted at a 23 degree angle?    :scratchhead:

Obviously it is on starboard tack in a pretty stiff breeze or it has way to much sail up for the wind conditions, or the crew is sitting to leeward, or it if has a retractable keel, the keel is partially up or a combination of those factors.  Maybe @Wilbur knows.

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14 minutes ago, petitepedal said:

Even though it was an icy walk out of our way...so glad we went to the park headquarters on New Years Eve..before walking...in addition to the fireplace..flush toilets in a nice warm building...they had porta pots at the walk site...and it was dark...

These are some kinda high-end cans, they have skylights.

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3 minutes ago, Road Runner said:

I have never taken a dump in a port-a-potty.  I would have to be in an explosive state before this could ever happen.

germaphobic much?

Now you're starting to sound like SW - I've never had beer,  I've never smoked a cigarette, I've never done drugs,  I've never had sex, I've never taken a dump in a port-a-potty.

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1 hour ago, Randomguy said:

Has anyone frozen solid onto a port-o-potty seat?

I'm sure it's possible, but the plastic won't conduct the heat away from the contact point as fast, so it will warm up faster.

Care to try it out & let us know?

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