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I got sent home early from work today.


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10 minutes ago, maddmaxx said:

And cooling systems are installed in a basement with no adequate drainage as if water never gets out of the pipes.  Brilliant.

There are drains and even a sump pump system, but they were overwhelmed. Wiring isn't on the floor but the water got up high enough to cause problems.

Many have said that putting all the servers in one building was a bad idea. Sorta like having all your eggs in one basket. 

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6 hours ago, JerrySTL said:

The electricians said that they weren't going to fix anything

They'd better not, if the flood got high enough to soak electrical equipment.

Electrical equipment, almost without exception, should be replaced once it's soaked with water.  Oh, it will give the appearance of working just fine after it 'dries' out.  But the water (and anything dissolved in it) leaves behind deposits that prevent the equipment from actuating properly or provides 'informal' paths for the current to follow.

If the water flooded over the ends of wires or cables, then they should be replaced as well.  Water will enter the end of a cable and wick down the cable length, compromising the insulation unless the insulation is designed for wet locations.

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