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I Tolt Ya! Tamale Night Again!

Mr. Beanz

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So as an experiment Gina and I made up another batch this eve. Went well, 8:30 and they are in the pot cooking! Last time we used cheese and chile only. With chile mixed in the masa.

This time we doubled up on cheese (per critics). Also we made a few with pork butt that was slow cooked in the crock pot. So we got some cheese and chile and also cheese with chile and pork.

The masa I think will be spicier this time also. Seems we put a wee bit more and this time not to mention the chile was spicier than the last batch we used.

OF course like Gina, the way she picks all the good stuff for herself, she claimed this one tamale after she wrapped it. She saw that it had more red in it that the others. She figures the red green chile is spiciest! I'm used to it! She always leaves me the green runts and eats all the good colors. :P


Gina takes one picture for me and as you can see, it's the one with a finger in it. (cropped so not so noticeable).:mellow:













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