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1 hour ago, Kzoo said:

How's the roof on Casa @Road Runner.

As you know, I have limited experience with snow.  But, apparently, one benefit of this storm is that we have had very high winds (35-45 mph in gusts).  This may be bad for some stuff but seemingly good for the snow accumulation on my roof.  A lot of the snow that might be building up in my north facing valleys is being blown off the roof by the high north winds.  Even though we have about 6 inches on the ground now (and still  snowing), the roof looks like it only has about an inch or two.  Of course, that's just an eyeball thing, I could be wrong, but the buildup on my roof appears to have been ameliorated by the high winds, so far at least.

Thanks for asking.  

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7 minutes ago, Green Lettuce said:

I wanted to ask, Road Runner, but with no power and no heat, Sam and I are snuggling with the frisbees just trying to stay alive. 

I apologize if your roof wasn't our top priority.  :angry:

Did you read my kerosene heater post?  I have used kerosene heaters, mainly as a backup source of heat for the last 30 years.  Even though I haven't lost power yet, I have mine on right now.  Lots of real heat, not that crappy lukewarm heat-pump heat.   :)

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