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Is it new bike time?


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It might be.  :flirtyeyess:

I am swinging back towards a wider commuter tire, but not massive width this time.  Like, a 2017 Ruze with plus tires and a nice suspension fork.  

Anyone want to buy a 2013, Giant Seek, size Medium with new metal fenders and a rear pannier rack?  The seek has been hardly ridden.  It has very low miles on it.  :whistle:

Soon, I will be on this for a commuter bike.   I can ride the CruX  when I want to play roadie.


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23 minutes ago, Dirtyhip said:

Actually, you did your math problem wrong.  I used to be bad at word problem math too.  ;)

It's N + 1 - 1

Now I see!  I did a N + 1 - 2 a few years ago. Got rid of an old Trek 5200 and Bianchi hybrid for a cheap touring bike. It took the place of both as I was using the hybrid for riding on the Katy Trail and the Trek was just a backup in case my primary road bike was in the shop or something.

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6 hours ago, Page Turner said:

...if that is what you require in a commute bike, I would enjoy seeing a video clip of your commute.:runcirclsmiley:

We get snow here, and I often like to play in the dirt at lunch time.  There are dirty ways to get to work as well.  In addition, I will have a spare ride, when my MTB is down for repair.

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24 minutes ago, Thaddeus Kosciuszko said:

I would too, but good luck with that.

You see, DH rides so fast she arrives at work five minutes before she starts from home...

There was a young lady named Bright

Who could travel quite faster than light

She left one day in her Einsteinian way

And returned the previous night.


That was from memory but the original is:

There was a young lady named Bright
Whose speed was far faster than light;
She set out one day
In a relative way
And returned on the previous night.

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If you're asking, then yes.  :nodhead:

But seriously, you know your bikes and you know what is good for different purposes. You certainly use them a lot, so if you think you'll  use it, it seems like a good investment in yourself.  Think of how much more you'd be paying if you drove a car to work each day.  .


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