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1/7/2017 miles

Old No. 7

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3 miles walking, half an hour on the trainer

The battery died in my Polar heart rate sensor last week, it's pretty old and you're supposed to return it to Polar when the battery dies. I've done it before and it takes a couple weeks and cost about $20. I didn't feel like waiting, so I checked with TFG and found directions to replace the battery myself. Pried the case open, changed the battery, sealed the case up with windshield sealer goo that I found in a junk drawer.

So I climb on the bike today, going to keep my heart pumping just right, three pedal strokes later the battery dies in the receiver.

Didn't open it up yet, hope it takes the same battery as the sensor. They sell the damn things in packages of 2, if it uses the same one I'll be able to use it before I lose it. 

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