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TIB, Well Gina Bought! :-P

Mr. Beanz

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I swear I have like 30 under layers now! Few months ago, Gina would come home with a couple new under layers every other day. They have some real soft ones at Wally World. Russell brand, like $12, super soft flannel feel, I likes 'em!

Then we bought a few Nike and  Under Armor. Wore them a couple times but not impressed seeing they are 3 times the price of the Russell, not even as soft!

So tonight we are strolling Wally World looking at strange people. Gina sees these under layers and insists I have one. I try it on and she thinks it's cool so she picks another. Same design but black and grey. I was kind of worried that the design may trigger a migraine while I'm on the bike ha ha! But she insisted so I figure I'll give it a try!

If worse comes to worse, I'll have another rider make fun of my duds, then I can blind him and leave him in the dust! :lol:



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18 minutes ago, maddmaxx said:

I just bought one of those about a week ago.  I'll be wearing it today while moving snow.  I agree, they are pretty good at that price.

Oops, did I admit to buying at Wal-Mart.

One thing I like about it is the mesh arm pits and back to release the heat! :nodhead:

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Back in with a clean driveway and cars.  I have a mug of hot chai and I'm sitting here in screaming yellow, black and grey underarmor warming up before I go to the shower.  I'm pissed that I only got 2400 steps.  I think too much time was on the snowblower handle to count steps.

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