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Anyone here rememeber these ladies?

Philander Seabury

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I have 3 older sisters who were in their mid teens during the 60's and they loved to pretend they were the Supremes and other girl bands of the era and would sing many of these songs.  I was pretty young but still remember them singing the songs and as I recall they were pretty good too!  

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I only remember seeing and hearing the Supremes on various TV shows.  I would have to listen to the videos of others to see if  I recognize just the songs of other groups because I've never seen their names before today. I'm not good at remembering/knowing group names for what I hear on radio.

I probably sound like what a  Gen. X or Millenial might respond about the Beatles, etc. Heard a couple of songs may have seen name or not.

Gosh, more thread dredging from our Archivist. :lol:


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1 minute ago, Further said:

Everybody is hot on the radio  :party:

There is a place I go that sometimes has a DJ and this DJ has the sexiest voice. I could hear her from down in the pool but couldn’t see her. Later I walked up by the volleyball courts and I saw her. She must weigh 500 pounds. She has a body built for the radio.

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I keep their greatest hits among my pop mp3's on my laptop.

I have a Queue on my music player of my favorite Doowop and early 60's songs I play often and "Da Doo Ron Ron" by the Crystals is on it:



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