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Where's jsharr's biotchin' about the refereeing in this Packer's game?


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Did you see that spearing with helmet by Hill that probably broke ribs in Jordy Nelson?  Totally illegal hit and was not called.  Yet, he's got nothing to say.


I'll tell you why.  Because he fears Seattle and disdains my Seahawks.  And he's actually quite fearful of the winner of this Packer/Giants game because he knows his team is in trouble.  Golly, that call that went in the Giants favor just happen to be the team that beat them not once  but -- TWICE -- this year.  He's running yellow I tell ya.

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4 hours ago, smudge said:

Ya, poor Jordy. I'm worried because they haven't said anything. How damned bad is it??

It was ugly and he winced in pain immediately.  Helmet shot to the ribs.  No word yet.



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8 minutes ago, jsharr said:

I hope Jordy is okay...







in a few weeks.

Well... you asked for his dealing drug dealer and now you've got him.  That game should be the best next week.  The Cheifs/Steelers are lining up to be a good one too.  Heck so are the Seahawks/Falcoms.  Not so sure about the Patriots and Texans.

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