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Pain in the ass


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6 hours ago, Zackny said:

Getting older sucks!!!!


The youngsters here think this is just funny or that it is just an expected result of life and we should stop complaining already.  But unless you are extremely fortunate, health-wise, your turn will come and you too will suffer the slings and arrows of age deterioration.  And when that happens, I'm guessing you won't be nearly as dismissive of it or find it as funny as you earlier imagined it to be.  :(

And as far as the "better than the alternative" statement that everyone likes to use, let me just say, "not necessarily".   :whistle:

Appreciate your good health while you are young (or youngish).  We take it for granted, but it doesn't last, no matter how much you exercise or what you eat.

One day, if you live long enough, you will only have fond memories of what it is like to move freely and pursue your interests at will, or to simply go through a day relatively pain-free.   :mellow:

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23 minutes ago, Thaddeus Kosciuszko said:

And I thought this thread would be about that guy who never shows up to mow the lawn or shovel the snow...

He's just an ass.

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