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calm reaction to near death experience

Road Runner

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Sometimes in the moment, you don't realize how close you came to death.... But it hits you later....   I had a bullet pass within inches of my head once and at the time I was reacting to the situation and although I knew it came close it really didn't register.  Later when I saw the bullet holes in my patrol car it dawned on me how freaking close I came to getting killed and you kinda get the chills...  I'm sure it hit him later or if he ever saw that video.  

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When I worked at the supermarket I was driving there after school, on a windy day after a snowfall.  I was on Route 43 coming west out of West Sand Lake - the road was dry but I hit a patch where snow had blown across the road, and although I had taken my foot off the gas, the rear of the car started to slide left, and I ended up spinning through 270 degrees, landing off on the right where fortunately there was a wide open driveway.  In so doing, the driver's side of the car swept through the opposing lane, and if another car had been coming I imagine it would have been lights out instantly.  

I know I was very lucky in several respects.  An hour into my shift at the store I could still feel my legs shaking.

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