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For Nate. Do I do plastic models?


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After retirement I worked in a hobby shop for 4 years because I've been doing this for about 60 years now.

From my current workbench.  This is not a 1/12 but rather a typical 1/25 from Revell.  A good bit of it is hand made including all of the wiring and plumbing.  It's about as long as the palm of your hand from heel to finger tips.


Strangely this next kit (poor picture) was inspired by you.  The character to the left is AB(h)2 Nate, part of the carrier deck blue shirt crew in my alternate universe.  The character on the right is from the Marine heavy weapons platoon.


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pretty cool!

the car is really neat

I like the part of making pieces for the model. I like to do that, too. That's what I really like about the Tamiya kits...the metal springs, the plastic hoses, the real rubber tires...those were the parts we were always making

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