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I Love Trying on Dresses

Mr. Beanz

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Gina picked up another dress last night. Thicker sweater type material. I thought it was really nice so I had to talk her into buying it. Only $20 on the Macy's clearance section. Heck, can't beat that. Anyway, I love it when she tries on dresses. When we got home. you know I had to have her try it on. Then the silver one from last week so I could compare! :nodhead:

It's a toss up, better try that one on again! She fell for that line 3 times last night! :lol:





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3 minutes ago, Caretaker said:

I thought it was Mr. Beanz that liked 'trying on dresses' and all we get is pics of Mrs. B.

Yes, I like trying them on........her! :D

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27 minutes ago, Scrapr said:

sparkly all the way


Funny!  I've always tried to get Gina to wear a little bling in our younger days. Never would but all of a sudden about a year ago,  she started chasing the bling! :D

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