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The Crown

Square Wheels

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9 minutes ago, Square Wheels said:

On Netflix.


We just finished watching it.  Far exceeded my expectations.  Really good show.

I've always known I would never want the life of royalty, or a very famous person, this show helped confirm that.

It is excellent.  Surprised you enjoyed it! ;)  

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8 minutes ago, Square Wheels said:

We have OA on our list, is it good?

It is really storytelling, filmed, in a way.  I am finding it interesting, with some attendant silliness, but the silliness doesn't ruin it for me.  Usually it does, but it is well-acted and nicely filmed.   I wouldn't scratch it off your list, and would be interested to hear what you think when you watch it.

I am also watching the continuation of the 4th season of 'Vikings'.

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Never heard of this before so had a look a Wiki and watched the trailer on YouTube ('inspired by true events').

It may be 'inspired' but I suspect the true inspiration is the desire to sell Netflix to an American audience. Citizens of republics (my own included) are often the biggest fans of Royalty in my experience.

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1 minute ago, Square Wheels said:

Totally forgot about it.  I made it through two seasons, it was awful.  I know you said it gets better, but I have so much other stuff on my list that is good, I may never go back to it.

Well, the third season is where it catches fire, but it is not for you if it didn't pick up steam for you at points in the second season.

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2 hours ago, Rattlecan said:

Would never have though of Lithgow in the role of Churchill, but he totally nailed it.

The best ever portrayal of Churchill was Brendan Gleeson in the HBO biopic 'Into the Storm' which covers Churchill in the war years.  Wonderful production.


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