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Nonsensical nonsense

Road Runner

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You are wrong (again).  I found it on the internet and you remember what Abe Lincoln said (I heard you were there at the time).  Sensical must be a word because it has an anagram.


image: http://cf.ydcdn.net/


(comparative more sensical, superlative most sensical)

  1. (neologism) That makes sense; showing internal logic; sensible.

Read more at http://www.yourdictionary.com/sensical#ggkdpbLdDOp5suck.99

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Also from the internet:


Sensical has not yet become an "official" word in the English language, which would be why you can't use it. Nonsense is a word, therefore nonsensical can used to describe something of nonsense. However, sense has different meanings and doesn't have an adjective for something of sense. English language speakers generally do not use sense as an antonym of nonsense. Possible antonyms of nonsensical include logical, rational, or reasonable.


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1 minute ago, Road Runner said:

That right there was mildly witty, maybe even funny.  What have you done with Kzoo?  :( 

That right there is misdirection.  I recognize misdirection.  When you are wrong and need to change the subject, misdirection is the best tool in the bag.  In your case, misdirection was the sensical choice.

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7 minutes ago, Road Runner said:

Do you recognize this?


That's not misdirection.  That's just the results of an angry old white guy who is wrong and has no other way to express himself.  A very typical and sensical response to frustration.

Have another cup of Sanka and you might feel better.

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Just now, Square Wheels said:

This was very uncouth of you, as compared to it's opposite couth, which also does not exist.

You are out of your league here.  Stand back so you don't get hurt.

  1. 1.
    cultured, refined, and well mannered.
    "it is more couth to hold your shrimp by the tail"
  1. 1.
    good manners; refinement.
    "their hockey team had more talent but less couth"
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