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I'm probably crazy for doing this.


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I went flying at a sports dome about a 45 min drive away from my home and before I left a dropped off an application for a job as a soccer referee.  Some of you may know that I was a professional referee until about 15 years ago after which I let my condition and shape go to hell in a hotel on a year long contract job in Orlando.

I'm back in pretty good shape and I'm wondering if I could make a comeback at the age of 70.  This is for the indoor game on relatively small artificial turf fields, no long distance running or high speed running.  I used to do 4 games a night (1 hour games) 4 nights a week.

On the other hand, I don't like 45 minute drives at night in the winter and certainly the pay makes this a "you're just doing that for fun and exercise right",

I have to find out if they need me to be certified by FIFA again or because this is the indoor game and they seem to have a lot of really awful referees certification is optional.

Frankly I think I'm just nuts to consider it.

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You don't need to decide right now. Think about it, swish it around in your brain. If it still sounds like a fun idea, submit the app. Even if you give it a try and decide it's not as much fun as you remember, give them your notice. You're 70. It's not like this is an intense CEO position at a high stakes business.   psht, give it a try!

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7 minutes ago, Thaddeus Kosciuszko said:

If you get to spray that crazy referee foam like I've seen in some videos, it would so totally be worth it!

That is an old referee trick that I am sworn to secrecy about but if you look in the trash cans in the ref's locker room you will find shredded shaving foam labels.

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