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My weekend starts at 4:30 today....The second weekend of the year..plans?


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Good luck with the floors, PP.  Meanwhile, keep coming up with new double entendres for thread titles. :D

Still got some outdoor Christmas decorations to take down.  My son's Pinewood Derby (Cub Scouts) is Saturday morning, and my wife and I are going to a party Saturday night.  This is an annual party and it somehow always coincides with a Patriots playoff game... our host hates having the TV on at parties though she is sometimes overruled (not by me of course).

Our house is a real mess.... probably spend some time Sunday straightening up.

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Tomorrow is Superintendent's Conference Day so I'll spend a little time introducing speakers and thanking people for their work.  We are holding it at the Museum and Science Center so that it cool.

Saturday evening we are going to a goal setting party.  It is to set goals for our dogs in agility competitions for the year.  Goal 1-- get Lindy out of cast and clear to jump.

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