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My Sweet Daughter

Mr. Beanz

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4 minutes ago, Ralph T. Mooseknuckle said:

This was too long to read in one sitting, and I want to go walk Ruby now, but I'll go out on a limb and like it anyway. :D

And thank you for trying to extend the attention span of the average drivel-spouting forumite. :D



Meh, my posts are more about just finding a way to post pictures anyway! :P

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22 minutes ago, Nate said:

so you're a grandfather?

I never thought of you as being grandfather age, but yea, it sort of sneaks up on you doesn't it?

:o Yeah, old dude here, we have 9 grandkids!

6 were here for Christmas.





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16 minutes ago, Nate said:

that's great stuff Beanz....is it just my imagination, or do the girls all have Gina's eyes?

Just your imagination! The grandkids in the pics are mine. Gina is the stepmother to my daughters.  :P

My girls were 3 and 4 when we met 30 years ago. Her sons were 5 and 1. Now the older guy is 36 and my older daugther 35.

Funny though, I posted this pic about 7 years ago and a poster said she took after Gina's side not knowing she is the stepmother. :D



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