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What movies have you seen that are so terribad they ripped the fabric of time and space?


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I think the top two I can think of include Hannibal (saw that on a date, couldn't leave because she paid for the movie while I'd paid for dinner) and when I was a kid, Leonard: Part VI with Bill Cosby.

I was looking through Rottentomatoes.com for something good to watch when this title made me decide to open this thread.  What is on your all-time worst list?


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3 minutes ago, goldendesign said:

The Lobster and Under the Skin

Both of them were not exactly horrible except they were so mind fuckingly bizarre you had to finish them. But I wouldn't wish them on anyone I knew 

Yeah, saw The Lobster', agreed.

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Some of the movies that I think are just awful have done pretty well with the less intelligent/less discerning.  "Breakfast at Tiffany's" was a steaming pile of crap in all ways, and "Inglorious Bastards" was a different kind of pile.  That said, I watched "Frankenhooker" and "Fear City" with a buddy, for the sole reason of that he downloaded them from somewhere.  

I liked "The Room" an awful lot, btw.


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For reference, this is how bad this movie was.  It was just as painfully unfunny for the remaining parts.  For reference, Bill Cosby was at the height of his career when he played this, and denounced the movie even as it was coming to the theater.  He's supposed to be a retired former number one CIA agent now running a restaurant (which sounds like one heck of a career downgrade).  Oh, and it won the 1987 Razzie (Golden Rasperry) Award for Worst Picture.

Oh, and it was a horrible, criminal waste of a 1981 Porsche 928.




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