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Saturday Milers......1/14/16

Mr. Beanz

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44 miles on the tandem at 16.3 according to Garmin, freaking Strava! :lol:

Gina hasn't been on the bike much so I was really expecting to get tortured on the tandem. Last week she struggled so this week I chose the tandem as it really kick starts her riding back into form. But as anyone who rides a tandem knows, if the stoker ain't with it, it is torture. But she did pretty well so I survived! Did run into a couple friends along the way. 

One point that really killed me was going up a steep ramp of about 30 yards. Strava shows it at 15.4%...... 15 yards up Gina pulled a cramp and couldn't pedal. Ever try to ride a tandem up a 15% grade with a stoker using one foot? :facepalm:






This guy is Ron, PinoyBnter on the forums. He has like 10 recumbents and 10 bikes, all nice stuff!


Didn't feel cold today but my nip is saying otherwise! :P


The tandem babysitting Gina.



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Even riders need faith! This video was sent to me from Ron and Dixie. I asked him if I could post it on my blog so I added the intro and credits, captions to the video then posted it.

Last week they rode their tandem. After the ride, Ron racked the tandem then they headed off for home. They got home and Ron noticed the front wheel was not in the truck. :scratchhead:Then realized he had leaned it up against the back of the truck before driving off. So they headed back per Dixie's suggestion. Ron didn't think it would still be there but it was, 60 miles and 1 1/2 hours later. :lol:

This is a pretty new wheel set Ron bought not long ago for about $900. 



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36 minutes ago, roadfrog said:

18 with Thor.  It's the hardest I've pushed him since we bought his Domane last spring.

I picked up an elliptical a few months ago and it's made a world of difference.  :)

Yeha, I can tell from your avatar, your glutes have really developed! :whistle:

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5 hours ago, Ralph T. Mooseknuckle said:

Beanz, I am quite impressed that you and Gina can ride a divorce bike together!

Love the wheel video and title. :D  Warms the heart that he didn;t find it taco'd or smushed or gone.


Thanks!  Yeah riding a divorce bike says a lot imo. I know a lot of guys who say they want their wives to ride a tandem but not many are really willing when it comes down to it. :-)

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