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This Year's Race


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The race is not going to happen at the same middle school this year.  They are doing major construction to the entry way and the parking lot to make it more easier for people to drop off/pick up snowflakes. 

There is a pretty short list of places that have a pool that I feel like would be suitable in my county.  There is the YMCA in downtown New Albany (right across from the BBQ place we ate at last year with the bourbon slushies).  But it is in a downtown area, has a funky parking lot, etc.  I am not convinced it's the best place. 

There is a YMCA one county over in Corydon Indiana.  It's about 20 miles from my house.  I have spoken to them on the phone.  They state that would love to have a race there.  I am going to check out the parking lot/pool on Tuesday.    If all goes well I will hopefully have it there.  This may accomplish several things.  First, hopefully I don't have to have race insurance and it will be covered under the Y's plan.  This would make the race cheaper and make it much less of a PITA to put up with USAT and their sanctioning program.  Second, the Y would advertise it and we would hopefully draw in more kids from a different county, PLUS the kids from my county that have done it the past 2 years.  3rd it would help with volunteers.

So I am basically letting you know that I don't know anything yet, but am working on it and will get dates to you soon.  At least 5 people have come to this race and helped out in big ways from the forum.  Maybe we can make it more this year?

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