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A call in the night.


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My step daughter and her husband are both Toronto paramedics. Theirs is sort of a May October romance, meaning my son in law is only 5 years younger than I.

 He has been with the EMS for about 40 years, starting at a time when there was really no such thing as a paramedic. They were ambulance drivers and attendants, and their job was to throw you in the back and drive fast.

For the last few years, his job has been driving support vehicles, and 8 bed ambulance buses responding to large catastrophes.

Thursday night, Friday morning at midnight, we got a call from my step daughter telling us that our son in law had been in an accident, and had been taken to the hospital. That's all we knew when we got in the car to go to their house to stay with our grandsons while she went to the hospital to be with him.

 Listening to local news radio on the 15 minute drive to their house, we heard a report of the accident, saying that the paramedic had been taken to hospital with minor injuries. Can't tell ya how relieved we were to hear that.

 Turned out, his injuries were not so minor. 3 broken ribs and a collapsed lung. He is in ICU with all kinds of tubes coming out of him and not having a good time.

He is strong and fit, so we're confident of a recovery, but we are still worried.

 Meanwhile, the boys are with us, and we are spending the weekend shuttling them to hockey games and swimming lessons.

As to what caused the crash in the first place, it would not be appropriate to speculate  here, but I'm sure the details will emerge.

 here is a news report.


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50 minutes ago, F_in Ray Of Sunshine said:

Did he tell them what they were doing wrong as they were transporting him? ;)

He wasn't in any shape to tell anybody anything.

He should be coming home today if his condition was stable over night.

He's had all the tubes out for a full day.

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